Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fun video of Randy Orton

An interview with Randy Orton on Mexican TV - WWE has since confirmed his going off on the interviewer for calling him 'fragile' was a work, but honestly as Jason Powell says, if Randy could take this and bottle it that would be awesome, because the intensity here was uber-cool.

On another note, Randy's clone, Chris Masters, is reported to be returning to the WWE. I was never a big Masters fan, but he was no less talented than a lot of the guys WWE has been pushing of late, and in fact on the contrary I've heard he's worked very hard to hone his craft and earn respect out on the indy circuit in his time away from the "E", so I'm enthused about his return. It is worth noting, however, that Wellness Policy drug test failures are lifetime, and the 3-strikes-you're-out rule is still in effect; therefore if Masters fails one drug test upon his return, it is grounds for termination. However, I've heard he's gone off performance enhancers and again, really focused on his craft in his time away, so I have high hopes for his return.


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