Saturday, November 28, 2009

OMG! :P (and Smackdown ...)

OK first of all - I am incredibly ticked off at present that when I DID upload our show tonight? Complete silence. The mic was plugged in etc. ... not sure what was wrong ... and at this point it's 2-3 days later, past midnight ... we'll go next week. Ari I think concurred with much of what I said about SS and Raw ... as far as Smackdown ... let me cover it in a nutshell

  • Fascinated by straightedge CM Punk getting the former Festus (who was supposedly Autistic) off of whatever anti-depressants/painkillers/whatever to make him 'normal'; the match with Matt Hardy was very, very strong.
  • As was the match between Chris Jericho and Undertaker; can't wait for these two to face off on PPV for the title (which very well might happen should Jeri-Show lose the tag belts to DX at TLC pay per view).
  • So long Eric Escobar, as you lost your charisma ... I mean, IC title challenge AND Vicki Guerrero. :P
  • For the record, last but not least: as a woman with a weight problem, Mickie James is NOT overweight. Not at all, not by a long shot. That is all.
As I said, incredibly embarrassed and aggrieved both this week by our own level of distraction/laziness, and attendant technical difficulties; we appreciate your patience and we promise to be up and running properly again next week. Trust me; we are as annoyed as you after putting in an hour to recording (not to mention the half hour or whatever of prep), to get static. We will have this solved by next week - we promise. And thank you for your dedication. We promise to continue matching it in the future. :P


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