Friday, January 30, 2009


So - just a few quick thoughts as it's late and I've had a busy couple days -

Smackdown was pretty pedestrian tonight. Now, that's NOT to say it was terrible - in fact, it didn't suck at all and even had some strong moments; in particular I'm glad to see MVP's wins accumulating (he's up to a tainted victory over Big Show, and a clean victory over Chavo Guerrero), and Matt Hardy delivered a WAY better promo than he did upon his return to the WWE against Edge, on his brother (and a very believable one, given that he's always been the responsible organizer to his scattered baby brother).

On the other hand - wrestling action was basically short and weak (Brian Kendrick vs. R-Truth? - I mean these are good wrestlers and way to push the midcard, but 2 minutes? and not as good as they could have been). Also, results were reasonably predictable - no shocker that Undertaker and Triple H won their respective matches to end up in the Elimination Chamber to be featured at No Way Out next month. Or that Big Show got a berth in the match, given that he and the champ (Edge - who also delivered a decent promo by the way) are both in Vicki Guerrero's camp, and have been teasing tension for awhile now. Again - OK matches, and I'm not complaining, those are worthwhile names, just ... not hard to see coming.

Anyway, bottom line: if you recorded this show or can catch a replay, you won't be terribly disappointed. But it's nothing major if you didn't, and nothing to REALLY go out of your way for. Bottom line a disappointing week on WWE television between Raw and Smackdown (even ECW - Teddy Long letting Matt Hardy go to Smackdown uncontested, without asking for anyone in return? FINLAY as Jack Swagger's next challenger for the ECW title); and a definite speedbump on the road to Wrestlemania (listen to ITVR this week for our thoughts on Raw). Hopefully this is an aberration, and the basically-strong programming WWE has provided leading up to Royal Rumble will pick up again next week - I'd hate to see the wheels come off at such an important time.


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