Monday, November 29, 2010

Howard Finkel Wedding Introductions

Easily the funniest video I've ever seen - with major regrets we didn't pull this off at our wedding. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

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(my apologies for mic quality, I'm thinking my computer's internal mic isn't so groovy. I'll try an external one next week. apologies also for the tardiness we actually had this done Thursday but I had upload problems and then forgot about it until tonight; that also might explain its out-of-date-ness.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

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(Finally! :D)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Old School Raw!

So ... where have we been, promises promises and all that? All I can say is, anyone who tells you a child's birthday is an easy undertaking, is lying. I anticipated having everything set and ready to go Thursday night in order to put up our podcast before Little Tyke's family came to celebrate his second birthday. We got that much right. I didn't however anticipate the exhaustion of that night and the next. However, here's the good news ...

Last night was an Old School Raw put on by WWE that we've been dying to see - THAT is how tired we were folks we were asleep before it even really started lol. But I did record it, and have seen some highlights - welcome back, Slickster! And everyone dancing to 'Common Man', Dusty Rhodes' theme song, was pretty jacked too - we will watch it in its entirety tonight before coming at you with a review tomorrow (YES!!! 1-2 days earlier than usual, we feel it's the least we can do for perhaps our worst month in terms of reliability), as well as our Survivor Series predictions for Sunday night's big pay per view. Be sure and check us out!

And rest assured, if WWE can deliver the PPV it has the potential to deliver on Sunday, following up on a strong Raw, and then follow it up in the weeks ahead, we might be able to get more consistency going forward. No mistake that a big part of us being less than dilligent in our podcasting and blogging is about the product not being interesting enough to really take primacy of place in our priorities these days (put it like this: in the same time period, we have missed very few Daily Shows and Colbert Reports - and yes I know I know, there's Smackdown and TNA too which are better to my experience and/or other peoples' word - just not as good timing for us for various reasons).

But I am tired of the countless 'we'll be back next week/month' posts that have been going on since the summer (change in routine followed by new baby=decent excuses, but hey this qualifies as one of the things we enjoy doing that was way too easy to give up and we should find the time for), as I'm sure you are - and this time, even if I have to push myself, I am going to do it. To remind myself why I enjoy wrestling (which I have moreso in the last few weeks than in the past while), and for you, our fans. :) Thanks so much.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Hi guys,

So the bad news is, this week, we had the werewithal to do In This Very ring, were all set up, I turn on my computer ... and the screen doesn't light up. Nor will it again from what we can tell. After a day and a half of trying to fix it, and another day and a half transferring over to a new laptop (my third computer in about 4 years, and second in the last 18 months), I think we're back up and running - but now, with much catchup on the part of someone whose main source of income is in online work, so I now have 3 days worth of email to reply to and stuff to mark.

On the other hand, this is my first BRAND NEW computer in 4 years and it's a beaut. Catching up and reorganizing myself should be a snap. Starting with - as next weekend is Little Tyke's second birthday party, which involves visits from our family, we're going to go to air Thursday instead of Friday - and with ideally no more blog entries like this one again, as we'd managed to find a nice little rhythm for ourselves before modern inconveniences and technology threw us back off. Thanks for bearing with us in the last several months as we've adjusted to new work schedules, a new baby, etc. - it is now absolutely time to make that up to you.

XO - Sarah

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

RAW this Week ... and a few other notes.

So this week's Raw was really kind of a mixed bag. The wrestling was actually better than usual - every match was either strong from an athletic point of view, or at least contributed to story-telling. There were some logic gaps in the story - why would Natalya get one more shot at the women's title if she'd squandered two chances? - but hey, this is WWE and there have been bigger logic gaps than that.

Meanwhile, there were a few skits that you will have either loved or hated; first, Pee Wee Herman as a guest host of Raw was either super-great if you enjoyed his schtick - with his secret word etc. - personally, not the biggest fan, so while it isn't the world's worst thing I've ever seen on Raw, it could definitely have been better. It also relied so strongly on the participation of a crowd that wasn't into it, that definitely weakened his appearance - though I appreciated his bringing Lita in for a cameo during the Diva's Twister contest.

I also enjoyed the McMahon skit - mainly because we hadn't seen them in awhile. Too much of that would be, well, too much, but as it was it was kind of funny. And the dynamic between John Cena, the Nexus and Randy Orton is intriguing; I'll be interested to see how this all blows up at the Survivor Series, which I was surprised to hear the Undertaker might end up missing due to injury (being as it would be his 20th anniversary in the WWE). Also out with injury as of this week - CM Punk, for 3-4 months.

On some other quick notes before walking away - Vince McMahon's plan to give away WWE merchandise outside of polling stations has been nixed following a threat from the State of Connecticut involving both fines and jailtime; not that it would have helped his wife Linda much anyway as she lost her US Senate bid to Dick Blumenthal tonight (oh, or was that a spoiler to anyone? Sorry, forgot I'm not supposed to comment on bouts in progress lol). Also want to extend a Rest in Peace to Edouard Carpentier, French Canadian wrestler who died in his 80s this week. It has in fact been a big week for Quebec wrestling, as the legendary Jacques Rougeau has also announced his retirement this week following the upcoming 4-match 'farewell tour' he has scheduled.

Please tune in to In This Very Ring on Thursday (FOR REAL THIS TIME!) as we cover all this and anything else which might happen in the next 2-3 days. :) Until then - be well and God bless.

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