Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Old School Raw!

So ... where have we been, promises promises and all that? All I can say is, anyone who tells you a child's birthday is an easy undertaking, is lying. I anticipated having everything set and ready to go Thursday night in order to put up our podcast before Little Tyke's family came to celebrate his second birthday. We got that much right. I didn't however anticipate the exhaustion of that night and the next. However, here's the good news ...

Last night was an Old School Raw put on by WWE that we've been dying to see - THAT is how tired we were folks we were asleep before it even really started lol. But I did record it, and have seen some highlights - welcome back, Slickster! And everyone dancing to 'Common Man', Dusty Rhodes' theme song, was pretty jacked too - we will watch it in its entirety tonight before coming at you with a review tomorrow (YES!!! 1-2 days earlier than usual, we feel it's the least we can do for perhaps our worst month in terms of reliability), as well as our Survivor Series predictions for Sunday night's big pay per view. Be sure and check us out!

And rest assured, if WWE can deliver the PPV it has the potential to deliver on Sunday, following up on a strong Raw, and then follow it up in the weeks ahead, we might be able to get more consistency going forward. No mistake that a big part of us being less than dilligent in our podcasting and blogging is about the product not being interesting enough to really take primacy of place in our priorities these days (put it like this: in the same time period, we have missed very few Daily Shows and Colbert Reports - and yes I know I know, there's Smackdown and TNA too which are better to my experience and/or other peoples' word - just not as good timing for us for various reasons).

But I am tired of the countless 'we'll be back next week/month' posts that have been going on since the summer (change in routine followed by new baby=decent excuses, but hey this qualifies as one of the things we enjoy doing that was way too easy to give up and we should find the time for), as I'm sure you are - and this time, even if I have to push myself, I am going to do it. To remind myself why I enjoy wrestling (which I have moreso in the last few weeks than in the past while), and for you, our fans. :) Thanks so much.


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