Thursday, July 30, 2009

Quick hit

Hi guys - I mentioned that for once I knew ahead of time ITVR would be hit and miss in the coming weeks - today's a big miss and the next couple weeks will be too. I mentioned a move - well we are going out of town tomorrow to househunt in our new city-to-be, and I haven't even started packing yet. From there, we'll be out of town both of us without *regular* internet access until Friday (although we might hit up a library or see if we can get a connection where we're staying), and from there I'll be staying in Ottawa to teach summer school while Ari will be coming back here to pack up the house.

The good news? We have an end date! The last ITVR we'll miss as of now will be Aug. 20 - that's our closing date on the house, which means Ari will be joining me and we'll be moving into our new house that day or the day after. It is usually pretty quick from there to get cable and internet etc. hooked up so we're hoping to be on the go by Aug. 27 again; I'll be doing my best to keep up with the blog in the meantime but please if I haven't don't give up, it will be full steam ahead with blogging/ITVR by Aug. 27. Until then, be well, and wish us well in our future endeavours (poor Brian Kendrick too, while you're at it ;) ).

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This n That

I know I know there's been a PPV and Raw and I'M writing a blog entitled 'this n that'. Well - we have had a crazy week with me going back to work, house viewings, yaddity yaddity; we missed the PPV though we saw RAW: I figure we'll watch the replay tomorrow and discuss both of them on ITVR Thurs night. In the meantime however a few little news bites:

  • Happy birthday to Triple H who turned the big 4-0 yesterday; also happy birthday to Dolph Ziggler, whose age I haven't looked up but whatever it is he turns it today.
  • Congratulations (or some such) to the Bolleas (Hulk Hogan and his wife Linda) who finalized their divorce today, settling after much acrimony.
Here's to happy and peaceful years ahead for all of the above. Be sure and tune in Thurs. night for our podcast. Cheers till then. XO

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A few quick last minute Night of Champions updates

Two updates to make for tomorrow's Night of Champions Pay Per View;

1. The Women's Championship match will be Michelle McCool (champ) vs. Melina.
2. Chris Jericho tweeted today that his partner, without naming names, will be 'EVIL' ... Kane? Or misdirection, seeing as he was seen chatting w/Kane on last night's Smackdown? Time will tell.

Be sure and tune in to the PPV tomorrow night, and here for all the results and our thoughts by Monday at the latest


Thursday, July 23, 2009


As promised and on time - click the post heading for tonight's ITVR podcast. :) Enjoy.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Shawn

Shawn Michaels, former multi-time WWE Championship winner and future hall-of-fame shoo-in turns 44 years old today; born July 22 1965. Happy Birthday HBK.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jason Powell's TNA Blog

Hi guys - figured I'd save the Raw talk for Thursday w/Ari - you don't need to hear me repeat then what I say here, and besides, considering we're going into a PPV this weekend, while it was an entertaining and fun show, it wasn't especially newsworthy.

What I do want to mention however is a blog Jason Powell over at wrote last night; in light of a very dominant main event group at the top of TNA (Kevin Nash, Sting, etc.), and a lacklustre creative including the contoversial likes of Dutch Mantell and Vince Russo, and more particularly the controversy in recent weeks of Jeff Jarrett's rumoured affair with Kurt Angle's estranged wife Karen, and his (Jarrett's) subsequent removal off the air despite being part-owner of TNA, led to Powell suggesting strongly that Dixie Carter hire Paul Heyman (former head of ECW and former longtime WWE creative team member) as head of creative, to redirect the admittedly lacklustre product and do some ego housekeeping.

You can find said blog by clicking HERE.

The first thing remarkable about this entry is that it's gotten responses - often the wrestling industry deals with the much-loathed internet fan (and particularly internet blogger/reporter/dirtsheet writer/'15 year old with a computer in his mother's basement') by ignoring and jeering them; in the space of an hour or two after Powell's blog, not only had Heyman himself responded (which you can read HERE), so had Wayne "The Honky Tonk Man" Ferris (HERE). I guess the idea that wrestling as an industry wants TNA to succeed (it is well-known competition is key to keeping any company but Vince McMahon's in particular) is important, and seeing as it set itself up as an alternative to WWE and the dying WCW, yet finds itself in its growth falling into a lot of the same pits and traps, touches a chord with those impressed with the young talent and aware of what the veterans have to offer them if only their egos could be kept in check.

Personally I don't understand Paul Heyman's unequivocal response that he wouldn't want to work for TNA - even if it fails, even if he isn't the company's saviour, it's a challenge that I think would be good for all involved. If his reasoning is that he doesn't believe in the company, what better reason to get involved and make the changes you want to see? If he does, then why wouldn't he want to get on board with tweaking a product he already respects? Unless he's happy to just be a spectator and commentator on wrestling at this point, which having accomplished what he's accomplished I can understand and believe. Anyway it's all food for thought; an excellent blog from Jason Powell and an interesting response from wrestling insiders. I encourage you to check out all of it.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Smackdown Thoughts

So the main things I want to comment on from Smackdown this week ->

  1. I am enjoying the new heel Punk character. He's done it before in the indies and his 'straight edge'/supremely 'good' character needs only a few minor tweeks in becoming a heel (I'm better than you). Referring to Jeff Hardy's life as a screwup, how many tests (drug AND school) he'd failed, etc. and how many times he'd failed at attaining that brass ring worked. He brings the best out in Jeff too as Jeff discusses how he hasn't failed a drug test in over a year, and he didn't need rehab as he healed himself. Punk (unfortunately rightly) pointed out how the former wasn't something to cheer about, and the latter was ridiculous (ie, not needing/going to rehab). It's unfortunate the current plan from Hardy is to take a sabbatical because he and Punk, who are both talented in-ring performers whose admitted charisma does not necessarily come from their strengths on the mic, are bringing out the best in each other, on the stick and in the ring.
  2. On the other hand, John Morrison has quietly had the 'rocket pack strapped on to his back' as Matt Dawgs over at World Wrestling Insanity points out - he's twice defeated World Heavyweight Champ Punk, and with Edge and Undertaker off and Jeff Hardy about to join them, a great main event feud involving some almost-completely new talent lays over the Summer(slam?!) horizon. I for one am looking forward to it and hope that similarly to Punk-Hardy, they bring each other to a new level. It's very experimental for the 'play it safe' WWE to headline SD with two perpetual midcarders, but if played right these two are about to bust the damned glass ceiling. I'm excited.
  3. Lastly the fields are being sown for Edge's return in 2010 as a face, as I predicted; he was given the sympathetic interview spot where he discussed his poor luck with injuries, but keeping a positive attitude; Jericho came out and interrupted him, telling him he was 'finished', and Edge owned up to 'being no saint', but thinking Jericho was out of line in how he was speaking to him and the fans - I didn't think the time would come where I'd say Edge as a face might be fresher and better than Edge as a heel (he's done such a fantastic job), but that time is now; I hope they continue to have him participate in promos/as a guest host on Raw perhaps etc. leading to his return, presumably somewhere circa Wrestlemania season next year. Prepare for a big face run and hopefully a big Mania win for the Rated R Superstar.
Otherwise SD was SD - solid and entertaining midcard action (when your midcard consists of, for example, the Hart Dynasty, you have some opportunity for good lower-card matches), good wrestling and good entertainment. Up next on the docket is Raw so tune in tomorrow night or Tuesday for my thoughts on that, and of course Thursday for In This Very Ring. Until then hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Peace all!

Friday, July 17, 2009

This N That

  • First of all before you ask yes ITVR is cancelled this week but for once we have a good reason - Ari found out today that he has gotten a job in Ottawa; we will be moving quite shortly, and today was sort of devoted to making the phonecalls and doing some housekeeping (literal and figurative) towards that end - as well as celebrating this evening. We promise though that next week not only will ITVR be up it will be up when it's supposed to - and meanwhile I'm not leaving you bereft of wrestling news and my thoughts on it. No one big all-dominant story this week, but a few 'this n that's:
  • Yesterday was a sad anniversary in the wrestling world as not only was it the anniversary of Bruiser Brody's murder in 1988, it was also the anniversary of Fabulous Freebird Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy's death of a heart attack in 2003. Brody was murdered, presumably at the hands of fellow wrestler Jose Gonzalez in Puerto Rico. Gonzalez, however was found not guilty. Terry Gordy had a legendary career as one-half of the Freebirds, as well as a huge following in Japan. His son currently wrestles as Jesse (former tag team partner of Festus) in the WWE.
  • On a brighter note - yesterday was also Jeff Jarrett's 42nd birthday. So happy birthday Double J!
  • Do yourself a favour all and check out Wednesday's Larry King Live on Youtube if you can - Jesse Ventura was on the air, offering his opinions on everything from Sonia Sotomayor, Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, Al Franken and other political issues, to Brock Lesnar's behaviour at UFC 100 as discussed on this site previously. The Body is always a treat to listen to, and he was in rare form on his 59th birthday.
  • In trade news, Bobby Lashley has officially signed with TNA, while Ken Kennedy continues to put out video blogs to keep his name and face out there in the wrestling world as he waits out his 90-day no compete clause with the WWE. My guess is once those 3 mos. are over he is also TNA bound, where he might be a better fit and the schedule is such he might be less 'injury prone'.
Tune in tomorrow or Sunday latest for a recap of tonight's SD which I'm heading off to watch now, and again all the Raw news on Monday or Tuesday before ITVR on Thursday night. Thanks for bearing with us during a very busy time as we take care of our son, I've looked for summer work, we've both looked for more permanent work ... the next few weeks are bound to get busier before they get calmer and I make no promises in the next 1-3 mos. about the regularity of ITVR, but rest assured that we will do our best (next week for sure) and as soon as we're settled will be back at full strength, perhaps even live, with guests once we're on a bit more of a routine. :)

Thanks for following all these months and years, please continue to do so. XO-Sarah.


going up today. Sorry all the little guy honestly did not give us a chance to do it yesterday it was a very active one. But we have our run sheet all ready to go, our topics, and it will be up late this evening. :) It's a worthwhile show so be sure and check in. Until then, Peace.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Billy Graham's WWE Hall of Fame ring

Due, Graham claims, to being angry with Vince McMahon for putting the kiboshed on the promised actual building for the WWE Hall of Fame - which currently is simply an honorific, with no actual bricks and mortar location - "Superstar" Billy Graham is selling his WWE HOF ring on eBay. Currently going for ~$7600, you can bid on it here.

Personally I can't help but wonder, as Jason Powell does, whether this move is more fiscally motivated than any kind of principled stand; Graham has had known health problems and has the same story as many former wrestlers in terms of little work and much bitterness. Just because Vince McMahon does not currently envision a WWE Hall of Fame building in the current economy, does not preclude one being built in the future, and as it is a stated goal of his son Shane's, at least come the time the McMahon children take the helm of the company.

Yet another chapter I suppose in the saga of the fractious history between the WWE and the Superstar.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I missed some major swaths of Raw last night admittedly - it doesn't sound like it was an especially bad show to be semi-tuned out of however; the few things that made an impression on me through what I saw and recaps later:

  1. Props to Seth Green for surprising me. The guy was game, worked with the right people in John Cena and Triple H (the two of whom, along with Green, created some awesome promos and a surprisingly decent match over the course of the night, by the way), and was enough a part of the show to justify the payday he no doubt got, without overwhelming the rest of it. That applies to his role in the show as a whole, and also the main event where he teamed with Cena and H to face the Legacy; he was there enough to be funny and do what he does without being too much. Well-handled, which was a pleasant surprise.
  2. Most worthwhile segments involved Green, or else the main event players; sorry, I'm just not fascinated by a 6-Diva bikini match amazingly enough (although the live crowd always seems to enjoy such things), and while MVP vs. Jack Swagger was a good match, it deserved either some PPV time, or at least some hype as an above-average TV match.
  3. I didn't mind how Chris Jericho addressed Edge's injuries, and his referring to Edge as the 'weak link' of the team and photos of Edge in hospital might hint at the face turn I suggested upon the Rated R Superstar's return; I also am digging Mark Henry's face turn as he comes out to be propositioned by Jericho to be his partner, only to reveal he's Jericho's opponent. I'm not however a fan of Jericho just being able to pick a replacement partner; I was more excited by the idea of a tag title tournament at Night of Champions. People shouldn't just be *crowned* champ by someone's choice, and I never like angles involving such.
  4. Otherwise, besides the show being mediocre, my main complaint is the couple of dropped ideas put out over the course of the show; first Jerry Lawler suggested there might be a tag title tournament at NOC, but Chris Jericho put the kibosh on that idea; then Cody Rhodes suggested his dad might be the guest host next week, only for it to be revealed that ZZTop would be. I get red herrings; but such a quick turnover on them? I don't quite get the point of the misdirection then.
Anyway overall mediocre show; some very weak moments, some strong moments which should have received more hype, and a pleasant surprise in the show's guest host. A run of the mill Raw for one involving stunt-casting but at least they addressed the 'injured Edge' issue and had some decent action in Jack Swagger-MVP and the six man main event; just wish they'd held off on the former until they'd had a chance to build and maybe even (gasp!) promote it.

We'll be talking about this and much more on Thursday night on our weekly podcast of "In This Very Ring". Be sure and tune in then! :) Peace.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Brock Lesnar's actions at UFC 100

Former WWE pro wrestler and champion Brock Lesnar faced Frank Mir for the undisputed UFC title this weekend. Beginning of the match, he refused to tap gloves with Mir, and afterwards flipped off the fans before cutting a very WWE-style heel promo on his opponent and the entire UFC.

As UFC falls more into the realm of 'real' (if extreme) sports than the WWE, this was widely criticized by UFC fans, as well as UFC owner Dana White, as unsportsmanlike and inappropriate behaviour. While I don't necessarily think Lesnar needed to do much to rile the fans up - the anti-pro wrestling UFC fans weren't taking him seriously, and were booing him from his entrance on - I do agree with the sentiment. Bottom line; Mike Tyson's lack of professionalism in his later career was not appreciated, nor was Todd Bertuzzi's some years back in the NHL when he attacked an opponent from behind, nor is such behaviour appreciated in any other legitimate sport. UFC at this point has a certain 'respectability' factor as being real, having rules (as minimalist as they may be), and this was not the situation in which to revert back to your wrestling persona.

Is it done in other sports? Yes of course; it is a testosterone-driven community and particularly as you get more 'extreme' (ie UFC). It doesn't make it right. And especially after Lesnar just last week decried his wrestling experience as a stepping stone - you don't go straight from amateur wrestling to acting, or UFC, or other legitimate sports - and said 'the smart ones are the ones who get out, they really are', I wouldn't have expected him to lean so heavily on that part of his history.

I'm pleased he apologized for his behaviour today, quite rightly so; he's a young guy who no doubt was on an adrenaline high after a tough match. But hopefully he can keep this lesson under his hat and behave more professionally in the future. While the UFC isn't exactly a suit-wearing, coffee-drinking corporate environment, it is also not exactly Vince McMahon's 3-ring circus anymore either, and if nothing else, you can get seriously hurt for developing a reputation of getting out of line.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Better late than ...

Never! :D Click the header to hear In This Very Ring and be sure to tune in Thurs. next week for our very special 1st anniversary edition! :) Cheers.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day change to ITVR

I think we're going to permanently change In This Very Ring to Thurs. nights - we get it up consistently then, while Wednesday's are usually a bit of a struggle. So on that front be sure and tune in tomorrow as we discuss Raw, a few releases made this week, the death, locally to us of Waldo Von Erich, and my awesome birthday gift (a couple months late) from my in-laws! :D Join us here around this time tomorrow night, for In This Very Ring.

Monday, July 6, 2009

RIP Waldo Von Erich

Condolences go out to the family of Wally Seiber (better known as Waldo Von Erich, the legendary Fritz Von Erich's storyline brother). Seiber died today in a Kitchener ON hospital due to complications from a fall. He was 75 years old and is survived by his daughter Mary Jane.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Injury report and renamed PPV concept

  • First I want to apologize for my absence since ITVR was posted - not a lack of posting per se so much as I was out of town. But I've been keeping myself posted and the two main pieces of news this weekend include:
  • WWE commented on the new September PPV, renamed "Breaking Point", revealing that all matches on the card will be submission matches. Great name and not a bad concept; I understand with so many PPVs WWE needs to come up with some original, Royal Rumble/Survivor Series/Night of Champions/KOTR gimmick-esque concepts and this isn't a bad one. My only complaint is the Hell in a Cell one, with all HITC all night, which to me kind of bastardizes a match which is so valuable due to its rarity and its use only in big-match situations.
  • Secondly unfortunately Adam "Edge" Copeland was injured in a house show over the weekend, tearing an Achilles tendon and facing a potentially long layoff. I'd heard rumours of a possible face turn down the pike for Edge and this might be a great opportunity to transition there, but of course no one wants anyone to get hurt in this biz; my wishes to Edge for a speedy recovery.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Here it is! Said I'd get it here earlier today but at least it's the same day as promised this time. :) Click the post heading for the podcast and enjoy. Hope it was worth the wait.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

ITVR up in AM

Hey - this is not my usual delaying! I forgot this was not your typical Wednesday, here in Canada it's Canada Day (same as Independence Day in the US, except without the whole revolution thing), and we had plans. But will be up tomorrow am/early afternoon so be sure and check back.

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