Sunday, July 19, 2009

Smackdown Thoughts

So the main things I want to comment on from Smackdown this week ->

  1. I am enjoying the new heel Punk character. He's done it before in the indies and his 'straight edge'/supremely 'good' character needs only a few minor tweeks in becoming a heel (I'm better than you). Referring to Jeff Hardy's life as a screwup, how many tests (drug AND school) he'd failed, etc. and how many times he'd failed at attaining that brass ring worked. He brings the best out in Jeff too as Jeff discusses how he hasn't failed a drug test in over a year, and he didn't need rehab as he healed himself. Punk (unfortunately rightly) pointed out how the former wasn't something to cheer about, and the latter was ridiculous (ie, not needing/going to rehab). It's unfortunate the current plan from Hardy is to take a sabbatical because he and Punk, who are both talented in-ring performers whose admitted charisma does not necessarily come from their strengths on the mic, are bringing out the best in each other, on the stick and in the ring.
  2. On the other hand, John Morrison has quietly had the 'rocket pack strapped on to his back' as Matt Dawgs over at World Wrestling Insanity points out - he's twice defeated World Heavyweight Champ Punk, and with Edge and Undertaker off and Jeff Hardy about to join them, a great main event feud involving some almost-completely new talent lays over the Summer(slam?!) horizon. I for one am looking forward to it and hope that similarly to Punk-Hardy, they bring each other to a new level. It's very experimental for the 'play it safe' WWE to headline SD with two perpetual midcarders, but if played right these two are about to bust the damned glass ceiling. I'm excited.
  3. Lastly the fields are being sown for Edge's return in 2010 as a face, as I predicted; he was given the sympathetic interview spot where he discussed his poor luck with injuries, but keeping a positive attitude; Jericho came out and interrupted him, telling him he was 'finished', and Edge owned up to 'being no saint', but thinking Jericho was out of line in how he was speaking to him and the fans - I didn't think the time would come where I'd say Edge as a face might be fresher and better than Edge as a heel (he's done such a fantastic job), but that time is now; I hope they continue to have him participate in promos/as a guest host on Raw perhaps etc. leading to his return, presumably somewhere circa Wrestlemania season next year. Prepare for a big face run and hopefully a big Mania win for the Rated R Superstar.
Otherwise SD was SD - solid and entertaining midcard action (when your midcard consists of, for example, the Hart Dynasty, you have some opportunity for good lower-card matches), good wrestling and good entertainment. Up next on the docket is Raw so tune in tomorrow night or Tuesday for my thoughts on that, and of course Thursday for In This Very Ring. Until then hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Peace all!


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