Friday, July 17, 2009

This N That

  • First of all before you ask yes ITVR is cancelled this week but for once we have a good reason - Ari found out today that he has gotten a job in Ottawa; we will be moving quite shortly, and today was sort of devoted to making the phonecalls and doing some housekeeping (literal and figurative) towards that end - as well as celebrating this evening. We promise though that next week not only will ITVR be up it will be up when it's supposed to - and meanwhile I'm not leaving you bereft of wrestling news and my thoughts on it. No one big all-dominant story this week, but a few 'this n that's:
  • Yesterday was a sad anniversary in the wrestling world as not only was it the anniversary of Bruiser Brody's murder in 1988, it was also the anniversary of Fabulous Freebird Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy's death of a heart attack in 2003. Brody was murdered, presumably at the hands of fellow wrestler Jose Gonzalez in Puerto Rico. Gonzalez, however was found not guilty. Terry Gordy had a legendary career as one-half of the Freebirds, as well as a huge following in Japan. His son currently wrestles as Jesse (former tag team partner of Festus) in the WWE.
  • On a brighter note - yesterday was also Jeff Jarrett's 42nd birthday. So happy birthday Double J!
  • Do yourself a favour all and check out Wednesday's Larry King Live on Youtube if you can - Jesse Ventura was on the air, offering his opinions on everything from Sonia Sotomayor, Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, Al Franken and other political issues, to Brock Lesnar's behaviour at UFC 100 as discussed on this site previously. The Body is always a treat to listen to, and he was in rare form on his 59th birthday.
  • In trade news, Bobby Lashley has officially signed with TNA, while Ken Kennedy continues to put out video blogs to keep his name and face out there in the wrestling world as he waits out his 90-day no compete clause with the WWE. My guess is once those 3 mos. are over he is also TNA bound, where he might be a better fit and the schedule is such he might be less 'injury prone'.
Tune in tomorrow or Sunday latest for a recap of tonight's SD which I'm heading off to watch now, and again all the Raw news on Monday or Tuesday before ITVR on Thursday night. Thanks for bearing with us during a very busy time as we take care of our son, I've looked for summer work, we've both looked for more permanent work ... the next few weeks are bound to get busier before they get calmer and I make no promises in the next 1-3 mos. about the regularity of ITVR, but rest assured that we will do our best (next week for sure) and as soon as we're settled will be back at full strength, perhaps even live, with guests once we're on a bit more of a routine. :)

Thanks for following all these months and years, please continue to do so. XO-Sarah.


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