Sunday, July 5, 2009

Injury report and renamed PPV concept

  • First I want to apologize for my absence since ITVR was posted - not a lack of posting per se so much as I was out of town. But I've been keeping myself posted and the two main pieces of news this weekend include:
  • WWE commented on the new September PPV, renamed "Breaking Point", revealing that all matches on the card will be submission matches. Great name and not a bad concept; I understand with so many PPVs WWE needs to come up with some original, Royal Rumble/Survivor Series/Night of Champions/KOTR gimmick-esque concepts and this isn't a bad one. My only complaint is the Hell in a Cell one, with all HITC all night, which to me kind of bastardizes a match which is so valuable due to its rarity and its use only in big-match situations.
  • Secondly unfortunately Adam "Edge" Copeland was injured in a house show over the weekend, tearing an Achilles tendon and facing a potentially long layoff. I'd heard rumours of a possible face turn down the pike for Edge and this might be a great opportunity to transition there, but of course no one wants anyone to get hurt in this biz; my wishes to Edge for a speedy recovery.


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