Friday, March 20, 2009


Some quick hits on Smackdown before we hit the road:

  • Decent promo by Triple H to open the show, finally addressing what we've all been thinking for weeks. I wish his match with Vladimir Kozlov had been shorter than the U.S. Title change (!) but so it goes. He's the Triple One.
  • MVP defeated Shelton Benjamin for the U.S. Title - MVP's roll continues; he's still my pick as it stands right now to win the Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania.
  • I'm not terribly interested in the Hardys having an Extreme Rules match; falls count anywhere, last man standing, steel cage eventually, things that allow them to do what they do, I get. And I get that's what the Extreme Rules are supposed to do - give them an outlet to bring in ladders and all sorts of other crazy stuff. I'm just not sure if this is exactly the stip that plays into their greatest strengths.
  • Undertaker did a short and sweet promo on Shawn Michaels - WWE also seems to have listened to my disappointment in Raw kind of dominating the Wrestlemania buildup; Shawn Michaels and John Cena - two major players on Raw - made appearances, and both world title angles got some play as well.
  • Speaking of which this was the first time I could really get behind the Cena-Show-Edge-Vicki thing ... they did an awesome four-way promo tonight, and while I still think this is the weaker of the two main event programs, it has gained steam where I feel Orton-Triple H has lost it (that's what you get when you run a major angle like the home invasion with three weeks left until showtime). Cena was funny, and Edge and Show were amusing as well. This was good stuff. I only feel bad because the likelihood is, with such a blatant stip as 'winner gets Vicki', John Cena, with whom she isn't involved nor has any interest in being involved, is going to win, which will probably focus Edge and Show on fighting each other over Vicki instead of having them in the title scene - which sucks for Edge. Nonetheless, I'm enjoying this more now than I had even a week or two ago.
Now I've done some poking around and the autoposting I was hoping to do while away isn't possible on Blogger it doesn't seem - so I will try when I have computer access (which should be most days on this trip) to get posts up - but if I don't, accept my apologies as I'm away, and I will probably as a minimum post Tuesday about my Raw thoughts, and Thursday night when I'm back home. ITVR will probably go up either that night, or Friday after Smackdown.

Meanwhile be well and be in touch.


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