Saturday, August 8, 2009

I plead ignorance

So having not had the chance to catch what sounds to have been Jeremy Piven's attrocious performance on Raw this week, nor last night's better-than-average Smackdown featuring Matt Hardy helping (?!) his brother retain the World Title vs. CM Punk and several better-than-average matches and a surprise ending or two (hello JTG pinning Chris Jericho clean?!), I'm not going to take liberties to really comment on the product this week, except to say it sounds like there are a few interesting interviews out there. Google Roddy Piper's interview on Monday Night Mayhem which sounds like a good one (read excerpts), and Superstar Billy Graham's on ... I believe it was on the In Your Head program?

And in the meantime if you can check out the new edition of the Pro Wrestling Illustrated; it's the PWI 500 edition, where they enumerate the top 500 stars (as they perceive them) in the wrestling world today. Always an entertaining and controversial read (I can actually see a case for Chris Jericho having won the top spot this year, as opposed to Triple H, who actually did, but that's always up for debate of course).

Meanwhile we will be moving into our house August 20 - that's a Thursday, so technically In This Very Ring night. As it's move in night, we probably won't have internet access or what have you, and the next week is my last night of summer school - the next day is the final exam day. The next week is Ari's first week at his new job; in short, lots of adjustments and new things coming our way. THE GOAL ideally would be to be back on the air Aug. 27, the first Thursday we'll be settled in with the internet ready to go, and we're shooting for that. The latest we'll start is the Thursday following Labour Day weekend; new school year, new season, new start to In This Very Ring. But we'll keep you posted as we get a better sense of how everything is falling into place. In the meantime as I've said before, no promises as to how regularly I'll be able to blog between now and shortly after the 20th (whenever we get the internet hooked up in the new house) but I will do my best. :) Meanwhile be in touch and keep smilin'! :)


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