Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Appearance Notice!

Hi guys! Sorry we didn't get to pub this ahead of time - we only found out Monday and it's been a busy few days - but we were on Online World of Wrestling Radio (OWW Radio) last night, and it was fun. Be sure and check it out by going to and click the Radio link at the top of the page. We were only on the first half hour of the show, but it's worth staying tuned in as they put on 3 hours of quality programming, with both Tatanka coming on as a guest in the second hour, and the former Sally Boy of the Main Event Mafia security team on in the third. :)

We'll be back with our own wee podcast this week, but it will more than likely be over the weekend - my mom and my grandma will be in town the first part of the weekend ... although how much fun would it be getting them as guests on the podcast? Hmmm ... ;) Just think about that one. And meanwhile - in the words of the great Mick Foley - Have a nice day!


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