Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Announcement, and a bit of this n that

So I can now speak a little bit to where our head's been at the last week or so - our son's birth mother has had another child, and we have been/are in the process of adopting him; we will be picking him up this weekend, which means heading out of town tomorrow night. Thus - no ITVR this week. However, when it rolls around again next Thursday/Friday we'll be sure to sit down and record a little something for y'all. :)

Meanwhile, if the scuttlebutt around the intraweb is true, we want to wish Serena Deeb of the Straight Edge Society all the best in her future not-so-straightedge endeavours. A talented wrestler with a unique look, it's unfortunate that, according to reports, she was unable to 'live her gimmick' to the WWE's liking.

On a similar note, Kevin Nash of TNA this week announced that his longtime buddy Scott Hall is currently in WWE-sponsored rehab (following the Benoit murder-suicide from 2007, the WWE offered to cover rehab for any of their talent, past or present, and has done what has to be acknowledged as a fabulous job of keeping that pledge). We wish the former Razor Ramon all the best in his recovery, and all the success in the world ... Chico.


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