Thursday, October 28, 2010

This n That

We'll be airing In This Very Ring tomorrow night to discuss this week in wrestling - the Bragging Rights PPV, Monday's Raw, tomorrow Smackdown, and perhaps a little TNA sprinkled in there for good measure. Meanwhile though a few stories to hit:

  • Just as a followup to the other day's rant - Vince McMahon earlier this week proceeded to sue Connecticut's Secretary of State over the ban of WWE merchandise at polling stations ... and get this ... dude won! Not only that - but if there's any question of the purpose of this? There are now going to be giveaway WWE booths all over Hartford, as they are hosting the Smackdown tapings that night. Hooboy ... and does good ole Mr. McMahon accept victory graciously? No of course not, as he delivered a statement today patting himself on the back for making Madame Secretary 'back down'. Congratulations I guess, Vinnie. Now you go give away those free t-shirts. The least you can do for your fans after they pay $45 on a semi-monthly basis for your PPVs (how are those buy rates going, by the way?)
  • A legit congratulations, however, head out to Jeff Hardy and his common law girlfriend Beth Britt, who have apparently had a baby girl! :) Jeff took to his Twitter this week to discuss what a difficult time he's been having leaving his girls behind. TNA take note: Jeff might be on his way to a few no shows, but I'd go easy on him for these ones. ;)
  • Lastly a congratulations to 20-year-old Shaul Guerrero, oldest daughter of Eddy and Vickie Guerrero, who just signed a WWE developmental contract today and will be reporting to the 'farm team', Florida Championship Wrestling, shortly.


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