Sunday, January 30, 2011

Royal Rumble

Short form thoughts, gut reaction -- an entertaining PPV. While it didn't have quite the 'pomp and prestige' feel previous Rumbles have had in terms of their association with Wrestlemania, the matches pre-Rumble were good, there were a couple of fun comebacks in terms of Booker T and "Diesel" Kevin Nash, and while I question a little bit the extent of the Alberto Del Rio push (I agree with pushing him to a world title shot, perhaps even to the title in the near-future ... but at 'Mania? already?), the Rumble match didn't disappoint. It was a story of long runs, as CM Punk's Nexus, and John Cena, had a nice long time dominating the match; it was a match of fun returns as I said, and of a spectacular Parkour show (look it up) by John Morrison. And it had a comedic ending as Santino Marella revealed he hadn't been eliminated after all and came amusingly close to winning the whole shabang. It was different, and I didn't mind 'different'. A lot awaits how it plays out this week, as always - these are just the first few steps down the Wrestlemania road that is known for taking curves and twists along the way. The ride has started - let's enjoy it together!


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