Friday, March 4, 2011

This n That

Hi guys - we were looking forward to doing ITVR tonight after a busy week of buying a 2007 Chevy Cobalt (53,500km on it - best and newest car we've owned yet, despite the fact that just about everything but its transmission is manual, lol, windows, locks everything); however both Ari and Little Tyke have been bitten by a pretty oogly stomach bug; so we'll go to air tomorrow night. However, feeling bad about my absence (which I'd have actually had time to rectify the last two weeks if it weren't for the car thing - kids have been good and work sane, etc.), I wanted to hit on a few neat pieces of news this week. Be sure and tune in tomorrow evening, of course, for much more indepth coverage.

  1. Check out THIS LINK for a truly must-read Honky Tonk Man promo on Hulk Hogan. Awesomesauce stuff.
  2. In other news on this site, he hints at the actual news story of Jimmy Hart leaving TNA to head over WWE-side in time for Wrestlemania weekend; apparently, this sent HH into enough of a tizzy, according to Jason Powell's, that Hogan on his Twitter (@hulkhogan4real) not only spoiled Jimmy's defection, but his role at 'Mania - Jerry Lawler's manager? Nice move Hulkster!
  3. Speaking of Twitter - Bret Hart has logged on @HitmanBretSHart - did a really awesome, honest and interesting Q&A with fans a couple nights ago (in which he answered perhaps the lamest question in the history of Q&A from yours truly - I asked him 3 questions; 1 was whether or not he believed his brother Owen should be inducted into WWE's HOF; one was who he would like to wrestle amongst today's standouts - he did answer this one, albeit not directed specifically to me; I also asked him whether he'd consider doing a reality show like Dancing with the Stars or Celebrity Apprentice, to which I got an 'I don't think so', to send my fangirl heart all aflutter. Stupid question - stupid answer - but one of my heroes acknowledged me yay! Many other interesting answers to fans questions however and definitely worth heading over to his Twitter and checking out).
  4. And lastly, speaking of Dancing with the Stars ... the Chris Jericho gravy train continues to roll on as he hits #9 on the New York Times bestseller list, cracking the top ten the same week his participation in hit reality competition Dancing With the Stars is announced, where he will be paired with 2-time DWTS champion Cheryl Burke. Cheering for Team Chericho has commenced, fans - ch-ch-check it out! :)
We will discuss all this and much more on tomorrow night's ITVR - be sure and check back then. With much love! XO


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