Friday, January 13, 2012

A Few Major Announcements

So ... lots to talk about this week - we'll cover most of these on the show tomorrow, but I didn't want to go too long without posting so I have a few quick hits for you - more detail, as well as discussion of Raw from Monday and Smackdown this evening, recorded either later tonight or tomorrow, and posted tomorrow.

  1. HALL OF FAME INDUCTIONS: So WWE this week announced the first inductees into the class of 2012 for their Hall of Fame. First ballot HOFer Adam "Edge" Copeland is to be congratulated - although given his relative youth, having him go in ahead of the Rock or Randy Savage - both of whom, incidentally, are from Florida, where the event is being held - I wonder at the timing ... but I love me some Edge, so that's all good. Also to be inducted offiially - the Four Horsemen, particularly the combination of Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard and Barry Windham. While some might discuss if this is a slight to Ole Anderson or Lex Luger - other prominent Horsemen (sorry ... I'll save the debating on whether this is a slight to Steve McMichael or Paul Roma for others lol) - it's a good combination to induct. Lex, anyway, has expressed his support, and that he will be in the crowd at Miami. Ric Flair has also confirmed off the record he'll be onstage accepting effectively his SECOND HOF induction (he is also inducted as an individual). Mexican legend Mil Mascaras has also been unofficially confirmed, with his induction announced in Mexico, albeit not the US/worldwide yet; and Yokuzuna, former WWE champion, is also a rumoured entry.
  2. PEREZ HILTON IS SUCH A DIVA: WWE and Perez Hilton both have announced that Hilton will be the guest ring announcer for the WWE Diva's match on this upcoming week's Raw, after having gone through Diva Boot Camp with Eve, Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox. I'm a huge Hilton fan, believe it or not, although I get he might not 'gel' with your ... uh ... typical WWE audience, so we'll see how this goes. Should be fun.
  3. MICK FOLEY SWAPS WIVES: January 24, 2012, Wife Swap (on ABC?) features Mick Foley's family. This show actually gets on my nerves 99.999% of the time, but I have to admit, it will be worth it just to see the celeb wife's reaction to the bundle of fur she's about to move in with for a week. :) Goofy stuff, but should be another fun trip.
Be sure and tune in within the next 24-36 hours or so for our thoughts on all of the above, and MORE. XO


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