Monday, February 27, 2012

Mother Nature on Team Bring It? John Cena Foiled by "Raintona"!

John Cena was scheduled to wave the green flag and invite racers to 'Gentlemen, start your engines' at the Daytona 500 yesterday. However, for the first time in the race's 50+ year history, the vent got rained out and postponed until today. Does any other wrestling fan see the obvious problem this poses for Cena? Yup! Monday is a work night for one of WWE's biggest stars!

Now initially it looked like things might work out - with the race rescheduled until 11am today, Cena would have time to perform his bit before hopping a 5-hour flight to Seattle for Raw. However, with the race rained out again and postponed until 6pm tonight, he has decided to place his day job ahead of extracurricular activities, and has booked it to Seattle, with a promise to return if the race ends up being held on Tuesday, but WWE comes first - especially since the Rock would be at Raw on Monday and "You have to understand ... he never shows up ... ever!"

If this stark contrast, which fits so nicely into the picture John Cena has been trying to pain of himself vs. the Rock, isnt' used in their banter tonight - and MAYBE even win Cena over a few fans for his putting wrestling first - I'll eat my hat. Although on the other hand, perhaps the hypocrisy he'd show by sticking around to wave a flag for just a touch of mainstream publicity, while accusing the Rock of the same type of thing, is just obvious. Either way - money where his mouth is. Got to give THAT credit.


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