Monday, September 17, 2012

Jerry Lawler released from hospital

Just to report on the next step of Jerry Lawler's journey, he has today been released from the medical facility in Montreal and should in due time be heading back to Memphis to continue his convalescance. What a long and difficult but miraculous journey he has been on the last 7 days - so thrilled to see how well he's done!

Meanwhile - we didn't get a chance to make our predictions as hoped for for last night's Pay Per View, but we did get to watch, enjoy, and recommend the replay to any and all. JBL replaced Jerry Lawler in the booth to great success, and tonight Good Old JR will be joining Michael Cole on Raw - as is JBL, according to the Wrestling God himself. Whether plans have either changed or been misinterpreted, or whether it will be a 3 man booth, we will find out in 15 minutes time (in the US) or an hour and a quarter from now (Canada).

Be sure and join us in the next day or two for a recap of Night of Champions and tonight's Raw. Until then, be well. See you at the matches.


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