Monday, October 1, 2012

Programming notes for the week ahead - and "Paul Heyman's Guys?"

Hi all - first an apology for the absent week - my brother and fellow wrestling fan K turned 25 this weekend, and my mother in law - who couldn't even recognize a photo of Hulk Hogan - turned 60 the following day, so the past week has been largely prep for all that - and a great time was had by all!

That said - it hasn't been a bad week to be quiet if need be, as Raw last week did have some extremely good talk segments but somewhat less memorable (though by no means bad) matches, and while we're sorry to have missed Beth Phoenix and Natty Neidhart's Smackdown match, it's otherwise been a relatively quiet week (despite the hit to the Diva's division as Beth's departure looms, and both Kelly Kelly and Shaul Guerrero were wished the best in their future endeavours). But we will air tomorrow to talk about the direction of some of the storyline's, Beth's impending departure and her match with Natty, and whatever happens on Raw come 15 minutes from now (or as of 45 minutes ago, depending where you live lol).

Meanwhile though, CLICK HERE to check out an awesome piece published on today, written by Paul Heyman himself, about his list of 10 "Paul Heyman Guys". A really interesting take to see who makes the list, who doesn't, etc. And be sure to tune in tomorrow night; we'll be here, ready to take you on ... IN THIS VERY RING.


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