Sunday, June 1, 2008

ONS Results

I'm not going to have time to post this tomorrow, so I'll put in more detailed thoughts with my Raw analysis ... able to put the show together with the fallout 'demain' on Tuesday. But I wanted to comment on the two big stories coming out of the PPV

Item #1: Randy Orton Injured

Former WWE Champion and recent #1 contender Randy Orton broke his collarbone taking a huge bump in his Last Man Standing match with Triple H. I know Randy's a heel, but as a young husband and father-to-be, as well as an entertaining performer, I wish him a speedy, speedy recovery. And as an extra note, good on Randy on his way out to have the presence of mind to still heel it up for the crowd before heading to the medical area. Nice job, get well soon.

Item #2: Undertaker 'Retired'?

Undertaker lost what was an ostensible retirement match against Edge tonight in what can only be called an upset. Given the extremity of the condition of Taker's retirement upon loss, I had yet to read any predictions the win wasn't UT's. It was a great way to end the show in that it was unpredictable - I'm un-naive enough to believe UT is gone forever, however I don't want to be so cynical as to suppose he's truly done and thereby not appreciate this could be his last match. Either way it was good drama, very classy, and I'm interesting to see if this sticks, how long it lasts, where they go from here, etc.

Overall ... a good show. More thoughts on how later, but excellent action and given I'm not a huge fan of gimmick matches, the gimmicks didn't get in the way of the plot, and in some situations they actually enhanced the show. Better than it had the risk of being, probably not quite as stellar as it had the opportunity to be, but plenty of surprises, and action. Interesting to see WWE's next steps from here. Good job.


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