Friday, June 26, 2009

Apology & comment

Hi guys - not feeling very well at all today which is why ITVR hasn't gone up - I've been asleep since around 9 or so. But the format is all cued up and ready so it will go up tomorrow promise, and I apologize I knew when I woke up with a cold today it would be a struggle to get the show done. And if it's any consolation it's been one of those weeks - this isn't the only thing in which I've fallen behind (you should see my house right now, sigh).

But as I say - during the day tomorrow for sure, to talk about all the things I listed yesterday, plus today's arrest of Brian Christopher Lawler for public intoxication, and the discussion of WWE doing away with Cyber Sunday and replacing it with Hell in a Cell.

Which is something I want to quickly rant about, podcast or no - the Cyber Sunday concept was tremendous; I know it didn't give us a whole lot of say-so and freedom, but it provided the illusion of it. And every so often, we really did get to make some meaningful choices as it pertained to matches. To not only replace it, but to replace it with a PPV on which all matches occur inside the HIAC structure, I think is a bad decision. HIAC is one of the most straightforward and yet innovative new matches WWE has come up with in the last decade or so, and it is seen as a signature match in which feuds and and careers are shortened. They treat it as special, therefore it is seen as special by fans. To have an entire (say) 6-8 match PPV based inside the cell, will forever cheapen this important match. Sad.

More on all of that tomorrow though promise - ITVR is lookin' to be supersized now!


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