Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wrestling news and my thoughts

So today was too nice a day to spend indoors and now it's 'pay attention to the Little Tyke' time - it's his last meal before bed and change, etc. time; so we're going to go, y'know, be parents. We might still do ITVR after he's in bed depending on the time etc. but in case we don't I do want to touch on the thoughts that come into my head about wrestling this week, and assure you this isn't the only ball dropped this week, it's been an odd and unproductive one (house is messier than it's been in awhile, I have a cold, having trouble finding a summer job, some plans that kept falling through, y'know, one of those weeks); We'll be back up and running fresh tomorrow and going forward, after a good couple of weeks. In the meantime though:

  • I talked about Raw; the other big onscreen news is the Bash PPV tomorrow; if we don't do predix on air tonight be sure and tune in tomorrow for those from me before the show.
  • Condolences to Paul Burchill and his family as his brother passed away this week of cancer I believe I read.
  • I checked out Chris Jericho's Twitter page this week and it's quite entertaining; poignant tributes to Michael Jackson and going back some funny stuff. Check out a ways down Jason Powell's site at for a list of wrestlers' twitters and their responses to Jackson's death this week.
  • Matt Hardy injured himself on Raw but is keeping positive, speaking of some big upcoming changes in the weeks ahead; it will be interesting to see how that plays out as he's expected to take 3-4 months off nursing a torn pec.
  • Brian Christopher Lawler was arrested for public drunkenness this week after falling down drunk outside a convenience store. He is a wrestler in his own right, and more particularly the son of Jerry "The King" Lawler
  • I discussed the changing of Cyber Sunday into a Hell in a Cell PPV - my opinion remains the same. So does Ari's.
As I said - tune in at least for Bash predix in the next 24 (OK ... 23) hours if not a full-on ITVR; if no ITVR materializes accept our apologies and we'll be back on the ball w/a good one next week. Meanwhile hope everyone is as busy as us in a good way, enjoying life and the summer, and take care! Be well.


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