Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas Raw

So I've been putting off writing this Raw review due to not quite knowing what to say - it was incredible camp, and some really bad camp - Little People's Court, while entertaining in some minute places, took up way too much time; Johnny Damon, while enthusiastic and putting in a noble effort, was a crappy guest host; Chris Masters' chest jiggling I think has officially crossed the line this week from entertaining to 'OK enough'; and I'm not excited about Timbaland hosting next week. But being the Holidays and all I wanted to find some good things to say about Raw. So I found some. Here we go;

  • While they didn't do much to increase the excitement for Seamus specifically, they did hype his rematch with John Cena, and Cena had an excellent match with Jack Swagger. As pointed out by other pundits, this might have meant even more if Jack Swagger had maintained his 'guaranteed 2009 undefeated streak' and put that up against Cena's promise not to lose before regaining the WWE Title.
  • The DX/Hornswoggle thing has come to its logical conclusion at this point and I'm hoping it becomes a little less consuming and a bit more fun from here.
  • The six-man tag was pretty good.
  • I enjoyed the 'Legend Santas' comprised of Sgt. Slaughter, Dusty Rhodes and IRS; Chris Jericho being the Santa at the end was kind of funny too though I never believed even an army of little people taking on him and Big Show.
It was the same campy type of program as the Slammys last week, which tells me they anticipated a home from school more family-oriented holiday crowd; I would say hopefully they return more to their meat and potatoes by the January 4 Raw when they go head-to-head with the more 'back to the basics' TNA program, but that would suggest they haven't been running, essentially, a variety show for months now. At least some of the variety acts have become more entertaining but the last few weeks have been admittedly pretty lame. Sad I missed Tribute to the Troops as usually they do a better job of balancing the entertaining and sporting aspects of wrestling. Oh well ...

PROGRAMMING NOTE: We are heading back to Kitchener for the holidays tomorrow, Christmas Eve. I will be doing my best to blog regularly while away but please bear with us; we will also try to do a podcast before the New Year, but again no promises. Please know we will be back up and running by Jan. 1 as per regular. As this is probably my last post before Christmas ... have a very happy one!


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