Monday, December 14, 2009


So I say I won't go on too long about last night's TLC match as Ari and I will talk about it on Thurs. night but you know me ... no apologies if I *do* lol.

It was a good PPV in many ways and surprising in others, and a lot depends on how things play out from here. This most of all applies to the WWE Title match between John Cena and Seamus. The common wisdom going into this match was, it's good WWE's pushing a young new prospect but he's pretty brand-new yet. Future superstar with a lot of promise, no insult to Seamus' ability, just ... new. And yet as we all looked on at John Cena's broken body laying prone on an even more broken table, I think a shock and silence came over the audience both in the arena and at home. Seamus admittedly came more out of nowhere than a Ted Dibiase Jr. win would have, or Kofi Kingston, but I'm not dubious yet ... we'll see where he and his title reign go from here. This causes me less consternation than the Great Khali's world title reign a couple years back as he was just a rookie, anyway.

Going back to the opening match, however, I had also expected Shelton Benjamin to defeat Christian in their match - they put on an excellent show, with the ECW title remaining firmly in the Peeps' hands. Drew Macintyre, however, unseated John Morrison as IC titlist, which I HAD predicted. I expected this to mean the Undertaker would lose his World Heavyweight Title to Batista, allowing Morrison to make his move onto the main event stage against the heel Batista, and indeed, Batista, courtesy of a low blow in his bout with Taker, was declared the winner until Teddy Long ordered the match continued. Taker quickly reestablished himself and won.

Randy Orton defeated Kofi Kingston, which wasn't entirely shocking (though a bit surprising per my predictions - this was one of those where I was 60-70% sure, as opposed to the Cena-Seamus match where I was sitting at 99%+ sure). What did surprise me was how cleanly he did so. How Kofi Kingston recovers - or not - from this loss, is key from here out. He's a future superstar in the making, and has made some great strides in his work with Randy Orton; I hope they don't undo that push now.

Which leaves us with DX winning their first-ever Tag Team titles in this configuration as Triple H and Shawn Michaels defeated Jeri-Show in the closing match of the night. We'll see if this is helpful to the tag belt situation as Jeri-Show was; as one observer pointed out in their reviews today, at least this means someone will go over bigtime when DX finally loses the tag titles, which inevitably they will. I'm a DX fan - I just see them as more single-wrestling-inclined, and they share Vince McMahon's shoddy view of tag team wrestling; here's hoping this is a sign to the contrary and they seek to elevate the tag division, not bury it.

Currently watching the 3-hour Slammy edition of Raw hosted by Dennis Miller so I'm going to get back to that - be sure and check in tomorrow for my thoughts on the show.


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