Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Better late than never!

Raw was OK - definitely overcame a weak guest host (although why Jared the Subway Guy got into match-making over the course of this show is beyond me). Christian's introduction near the top of the show was a good way of bringing attention to the final weeks of ECW, and addressing what will become of that roster following the shutdown (they will become free agents). He had a passable match with Sheamus, and while I'm a Christian fan enough it disappoints me he lost clean, I recognize this young champion Sheamus has won many special stip matches and needs some cred. Not a bad starter to the show.

I'm also enjoying personally the Maryse-Gail Kim angle, where Maryse is talking a good game of politeness and class in English, before heading to rude insultsville in French; my only concern/complaint is that I doubt the majority of the wrestling audience gets this (not because you guys are dumb, far from it I know you aren't, but I know most of the WWE audience is in the US or other countries where French is not spoken). But being bilingual myself - I'm enjoying the joke. :D

DX's disintegration, particularly the disintegration of Shawn Michaels' sanity, is interesting to watch. Week by week, more pieces get put together. It will be interesting. Less well-handled is the Legacy breakup. It is highly important Ted Dibiase Jr. is built up in this breakup; getting beaten up in a squash by John Cena? Not conducive to building up. On the other hand - Ted Sr. is getting some long-overdue recognition by being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Also to be inducted (although not official per TV yet) is Antonio Inoki. A good class so far - all two of them.

I also enjoyed John Cena, Vince McMahon and Bret Hart's interactions; I like that they're still teasing Bret-Vince without giving it on a silver platter yet. There's still lots of wiggle room, which concerns me, that this can turn into a tag team match or into them being cornermen for Cena and Batista - but again, per Bret's health, I don't entirely mind that either.

Honourable Mention of the night goes to Santino for his line about next week's Raw guest host epitomizing class ... cut to Jerry Springer! :D "Jerry, Jerry, Jerry ..." hosts next Monday night. And *I* host tomorrow, along with my husband! Please be sure to join our podcast where we'll discuss more in-depth this week's Raw, perhaps tomorrow night's Impact if we catch it before podcasting (if not, our apologies), and how the No Way Out PPV is shaping up, and where Wrestlemania seems to be heading. Dontcha dare miss it! :)


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