Monday, February 22, 2010

Thoughts on Elimination Chamber

Thanks guys for bearing with me this weekend as it was a busy one w/my in-laws visiting; but back now with thoughts on the EC PPV last night. In no particular order necessarily, stream-of-consciousness style ...

  • Both Elimination Chambers were strong. The first (Raw) one didn't have as many specific 'cool moments' as the second (although Ted Dibiase's final turn on Randy Orton was definitely well done and very nifty), but it was more consistent and solid bell-to-bell. Conversely, the Smackdown one had highlights - the early eliminations of 2 competitors, and Shawn Michaels' involvement - but a saggy middle. Both titles changed hands, which was great on the SD side as I think the PPV, and the build to Wrestlemania, is stronger because of it; conversely, I'm still in a bit of 'WTF' mode with the Raw side. I don't mind Cena having won the belt as others might have - I think he-Batista or Sheamus-Triple H could be enhanced with the belt - but the quickie turnover to Batista, while it furthers story, also pushed the newsworthiness of this PPV up perhaps just that little bit over the top that the title's been a bit cheapened with two quick changes heading into 'Mania, where it is/should be the centrepiece.
  • I wasn't terribly impressed, either, with the turning of the Women's Title match into a tag team match, unless there's a story behind it - eg one of the girls being injured. Otherwise it reeks of 'get all the T&A on the same show', whereas with this wide open a show they could have given the talented Maryse and Gail Kim a great stage to showcase their talents.
  • This show was an excellent balance of having some great stuff advertised, while providing some surprises and Easter Eggs for those who spent their money on it. While some might question having Shawn Michaels or Batista go unadvertised on the show, or a US Title defense without a buildup, the Elimination Chambers were built well enough and even the IC title shot and the women's match, that some reward for risking your money could add to the 'Anything can happen' vibe WWE enjoys.
  • They did an excellent job with the Miz, MVP, etc. of building up the NXT concept that's debuting on SYFY tomorrow night; I'm assuming Daniel Bryan is Bryan Danielson, 'King of the Indies', and I think it's great he's teaming up with the Miz, as Danielson is talented, but it has been quite rightly pointed out he will be booed out of the building as soon as a mic is put in his face. The Miz is an excellent promo guy who can carry that end of the gig while Danielson/Bryan gets accustomed to his new environment, and the promo-level expectations of the WWE.
  • The wrestling quality on this show was good, I just think with a lot of open space for a lot of promos and an extra match or two, they could have given more time to a few of the matches - Kane-Drew McIntyre, for example, or the ladies.
  • The newsworthiness of this show - I'll leave this up to you. My initial thinking was 'Great, make this show heavy on importance with some title changes and big matches, because that will get the thinking along the lines of "If this can happen here at the EC, imagine what will happen at WM" ...' - Jason Powell however and some other pundits have put forward that by putting out so many blazing guns here, ie both world titles changing hands etc., it might make WM seem anticlimactic. Thoughts? I'll leave that to you.
  • Lastly - Undertaker is one TOUGH MoFo. Couldn't figure out why he cut short his traditional entrance and ran to the ring tearing off his jacket - apparently he got burned by pyro during his entrance; he suffered 1st degree (sunburn-level) burns, according to WWE's press release. On the same day that Ric Flair's 4th wife was arrested for assaulting the 'retired' WWE Hall of Famer, it reinforces the legitimate toughness of the Deadman. Oh, and speaking of ... gee Ric, that marriage is working out great isn't it? How long did this one last, 4 months?
That's it, all - be sure and check out Raw tonight - MITB qualifiers! Thoughts tomorrow, Wed. at the latest. Peace all.


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