Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Last night's Raw was alright, with only a few superficial complaints. Tacking those in no particular order so I can then get on to the praise ...

  1. I'm glad they didn't out-and-out tone down Steve Austin's act for the new PG show - and I get short of watering it down they're going to need to censor his act to make it PG-friendly. But I'll be a grumpy sort and say just because I understand it doesn't mean I like it. Especially when most of the 'bleeping' is off and the cursing gets out anyway; then it is not only futile but a distraction.
  2. I'm not impressed with the way they're building to a 'let's throw all the Divas together' match again at WM. I was always a much bigger fan of a spotlight match or two for the women. Again, a move I understand them making with Melina and Mickie James both injured, but that doesn't mean I need to like it.
Now the positives:
  1. Again, good job with Austin as guest host and I just wish we could have seen him more. His interactions with Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho both were classic; I was a little surprised at his buddy-buddy interaction with John Cena at the top of the show, as Cena is the anti-Austin, but he still did a good job.
  2. This was 'Wrestlemania Rewind' night where Raw consists of Wrestlemania rematches; Randy Orton vs. Triple H, John Cena vs. Big Show, Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho are all PPV-worthy matches, more than enough to decimate TNA (missed it again!) in the ratings, and as this was a night the stars shone, it meant some somewhat longer matches; only one or two were the typical Raw 2-4 minute nonsense.
  3. Triple H-Sheamus has become at least somewhat more interesting and multi-dimensional with their promos of the last couple weeks, and Bret Hart and Vince McMahon definitely picked up steam with Steve Austin's presiding over the contract signing. While Bret's swerve that he wasn't injured was semi-expected, it was still pulled off well. The build to WM has been strong as usual; if only more PPVs could get this kind of thought and treatment put into them.
  4. A big night on Raw as two hall of famers-to-be were announced. Gorgeous George is a long overdue entrant, and Steve Austin confirmed that Stu Hart also will be inducted this year. Two more different, but influential, wrestling stars you could not find; a proud day.
Obviously Ari and I will discuss more of this Thursday night on ITVR - a note that we will be spending the afternoon Thursday in Montreal and aren't 100% sure when we'll return; thus the show MIGHT be Friday night instead. If that's the case I will do my best to keep you posted. Meanwhile have a good night everyone.


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