Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Survival of the Hitman ... and Trivia Question Winner!

So I'm going to withhold commenting on last night's Raw (short of saying I felt it was pretty darned good) until ITVR (which we're going to have on Friday so we can discuss the final buildup with last night's show and Smackdown), so we can discuss the whole Go-Home week at once; but I did want to share that the Fight Network's "Survival of the Hitman" documentary, aired last night, is now up for online viewing free at the FN's Youtube channel. EXCELLENT piece I recommend checking out.

I also wanted to announce the Trivia Question Winner from ITVR this past Saturday, in regards to who has been in title matches for every one of his Wrestlemania appearances. My good friend Shane from out west responded with John Cena, who has been in US or World title matches in all of his WM appearances. Shane actually sent a really interesting email with some food for thought that Ari and I will discuss briefly on air Friday, but in the meantime one thing Shane brought up was being a TNA fan (and while we do ride the show a bit with the Dynamic Duo of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff now in charge, we HAVE meant to give it a fair shot, as we said and as Shane allowed us in his email, it's just lousy timing they made their big move to Mondays right in the runup to Wrestlemania). So as a TNA fan, Shane we will be burning you a copy of and sending you an awesome TNA DVD in the next week or so. Keep an eye out for that! :)

Have a great night all, I'll be back as news comes up this 'Mania week, and be SURE and join Ari and I for our go-home pre-mania show on Friday night. Peace!


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