Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Belated Thoughts on Raw

A bit belatedly admittedly, but I wanted to comment on Raw a bit tonight. So, with no further ado, in no particular order ... stream-of-consciousness style.

  • OK so I'm a mark but not a bad deal seeing Bret Hart become US champion. I know he can't wrestle longterm nor would I want to see him do so - I respect him too much to see him 'Ric Flair' his legacy. But that one last moment with the belt, which I suspect we'll see him trade in next week for a General Manager spot on Raw (which Vicki Guerrero gave up on Monday), was cool, especially surrounded by his family.
  • Speaking of the Vicki resignation thing and the announcing of a new GM on Monday coming - this was something left off of the not-so-commercial free Raw we Canadians got. Let me get this straight; Raw is FROM Toronto, as in Canada, airing on the Score, and it doesn't start at the same time as the US will get it (still the 15 minute delay) AND commercials? Boo dudes. Especially since it sounds like some funny commercial spoofs went on, and more importantly crucial information (the above) got left off of our programs.
  • That said - we did get to see some awesome Canada-heavy action. Bret's US Title win (not so much in the US) was just the tip of the iceberg; Edge and Christian had a great match (although I go with Jason Powell over at that they should have advertised the Pick Your Poison stipulation where Randy Orton and Edge each picked each other's opponents for the night), to the point it wasn't even terribly disappointing how Edge cheaped out on his 'second match' with the Undertaker. It was just cool seeing him, and Edge's reaction to him.
  • I enjoyed Buzz Aldren too - such a cool old guy. :)
  • I dig the Miz and Chris Jericho's quasi-alliance, and I enjoyed particularly Jericho coming out and working with Bret as Miz's front man, although I'll also go with Powell that this made a potential Bret-Jericho match more intriguing than the actual match with Miz.
  • Ted Dibiase Jr., after weeks of looking for a 'new Virgil', decided to settle for the original. In a kind of cool time machine moment, Ted Dibiase Sr.'s former manservant/valet type dude, Virgil, came out with Junior. It'll be interesting to see if he sticks around to enhance storyline, or if it was a one-off event.
  • Not much else is sticking out in my mind right now but I think those were the big moments - overall a strong Raw with some real shining moments, that was only cheapened in Canada due to the ads that weren't supposed to be there. Sigh.
Programming Note: ITVR won't be going up this week, not because we're being inconsistent but because of Ari's parents visiting Friday. Tomorrow night we need to wrap up work-related stuff for the weekend, and we will be visiting his parents, and then mine, over the long (Victoria Day in Canada) weekend. But I will do my best over the next day or two to post predictions for Sunday's Over the Limit, and we'll maybe do a special ITVR say on Monday evening about the PPV if we get the chance to catch it (the in-laws aren't fans lol).

So I'll chat at you at least once more before/over the weekend - otherwise, have a great one! :D


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