Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Some Random News

Hi guys,

So a bit too tired tonight to get into an in-depth analysis of Raw - save that for ITVR Thursday, except to say it was a good and highly entertaining show - but a couple interesting news tidbits have come up today that I wanted to comment on before bed.

  • First - a man was arrested yesterday for threatening to blow up WWE headquarters due to their releasing Mickie James. You can find his mugshot by clicking here. All I can say is ... dude, come on. I like Mickie James and all, I do. I wish WWE had done more with her during her time there. But ultimately, the relationship had gone sour and I think she will be much happier and much more appreciated somewhere else. And besides, while she's an awesome Diva, I think if we're going to make such threats on WWE headquarters, you could at least make yourself look less stupid-like by doing so over actual substantive, major issues, of which WWE has faced its fair share. And even then ... as always, as it should go without saying ... much better ways of handling such problems. Just sayin' ...
  • In less ... extreme ... news, Spike TV has decided to pull the plug on its TNA Monday night experiment and has relegated the wrestling program back to Thursday nights, I believe as of next week (by month's end for sure - be sure and check listings on that before quoting me). I'm actually going to say, despite having been a skeptic at first, that this disappoints me; TNA had rebounded to a solid 1.0 with the 8pm start time on Monday nights, and only suffered this week due to the WWE draft, and Raw starting at 8. I'd have liked to have seen the 8pm Monday time slot given a real chance; not to mention it isn't good for a show to be bounced around too much either, and it is now going to be moved to its third time slot in 2 months. Nonetheless, we wish TNA the best as they find their footing and go forward, and I suppose could look at the bright side that we can now keep up with it with no conflicts with Raw.
That's it that's all folks - be sure and tune back in Thurs. night at the latest for ITVR. Until then, be good and be well.


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