Monday, August 8, 2011

Black Friday

Hey guys - Monday Night Raw is underway and we'll be discussing this go-home edition of the show, as well as Smackdown from this past week and Summerslam this coming weekend (WOW!) later in the week. Meanwhile though I wanted to address in a busy weekend we missed Black Friday - aka, the annual housecleaning WWE often does, the day many mid- and lower-carders answer phonecalls from that Stamford area code at their own risk.

This past Friday saw the ouster of Vladimir Kozlov, David Hart Smith, and Chris Masters - but for once, it was actually the Divas who brought the most intrigue to this release day. Melina Perez was released after longstanding rumours of a lousy attitude, and being a quite-outspoken Tweeter. This is going to make for some awkwardness for her still-employed boyfriend of many years, John Morrison. Hmm ...

Also rumoured to be outgoing, is Gail Kim who has claimed since Friday on her Twitter that she quit the WWE, despite the fact WWE has said nothing about her release, or her having quit. Which speaks to her either being done with the WWE, or trying very hard to make sure that happens.

We of course, as always, join the WWE in wishing the former Superstars and Divas all the best in their future endeavours.


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