Saturday, August 13, 2011

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NOTE: This was record on Thurs. and I haven't had the time to upload it until now. So please note the following addenda:

  1. Able to discuss Smackdown without spoiling anything now, congratulations to new Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes, who defeated Ezekiel Jackson for the belt on Friday. Also - allow the speculation to begin about Christian's comment, that, if this match is 'everything goes', he's got 'the best thing going'. What (or who?!) does he have up his sleeve. Not for nothing, it is a known fact that a very, very good friend of Christian's will be signing autographs and gladhanding at the Access event prior to Summerslam tomorrow night ... Ahem ... you think you know him?
  2. Heath Slater, former Nexus and Core member, has been accused by a hotel security guard of assaulting her and trying to force her into his hotel room; not being one of those top guys WWE will protect at all costs, they are already distancing themeslves by commenting on this as a personal matter involving Slater that has nothing to do with the WWE. How long until he receives his walking papers.
  3. One more match has been adde to Smackdown, with Wade Barrett facing Daniel Bryan - my prediction is a somewhat tricky Wade Barrett win, as there are no consequences to this match, but that might provide an opening for him to challenge for the Money in the Bank briefcase. I think ultimately this feud might end up being Bryan's - but Barrett needs a win as he's started working his way back out of the obscurity he'd so unfairly fallen into.


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