Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Processing Some Thoughts

So it's been awhile as I've been trying to assimilate what I think of this week's "Extreme Rules" PPV, and last night's Raw ... there were some things that were really, really strong (I can't speak to how excited I am about CM Punk and Daniel Bryan squaring off at the next "Over the Limit" PPV, and there were a few good matches at ER, including Cena-Lesnar, and Cena's promo afterwards was intriguing). There was also a lot that didn't work - while I'm no Cena hater, I think beating Brock his first match back was unnecessary, especially when a loss here could have easily fit into the John Cena losing his mojo storyline - which was working, and I'm not a fan of his being back after said intriguing promo the very next night raring to fight ... John Laurenaitis.

WWE has a lot going for it right now - and a lot that is really a big fail (see Tensai, Lord; and Clay, Brodus, as well as the depushing of the Miz and Dolph Ziggler etc.). I will be interested to see how they fit some of the messy pieces together in the coming weeks ... hopefully as well as the Triple H-Johnny Ace-Brock Lesnar interaction, for example.


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