Friday, May 18, 2012

Raw Goes to 3 Hours Starting in July

So we didn't watch all of Raw again this week - while some aspects were quasi-entertaining (the CM Punk/Daniel Bryan et all tag team match, the HHH-Heyman promo, the Big Show/John Laurenaitis interaction, Sheamus' performance in the announce booth), it's just not sustaining interest these days. I don't know ... I know WWE can do better, they just haven't been.

And in that kind of environment, the announcement comes yesterday that as of July 22 (I believe - or 29), Raw is going to 3 hours every Monday. When they barely have enough programming to sustain the 2 hour show they have now. This can't go wrong ... ahem. This was a contributing factor to the death of WCW/Nitro, at a time when they couldn't sustain the programming they already had, so why does WWE think this will be any different?

So without having seen much of the product this week, we're going to ATTEMPT to catch Smackdown and podcast tonight with predictions for this Sunday's PPV (which we will be missing due to camping this weekend) - but if we end up not having time (preparing for said camping trip etc.) we will catch Raw on Monday and either blog or podcast about it same-night, or the following.

Hope all is well out there and you're enjoying the lovely weather!


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