Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chris Jericho in altercation with fans

Yesterday after a house show in Victoria BC, Chris Jericho got into an altercation with some very aggressive fans. A detailed description of the incident can be found by clicking here; you can also watch some partial footage by clicking 'play' below:

Wow. I don't know what to think except this incident is all kinds of wrong, from everyone involved:

FANS: wrong in that they marked for the fact Jericho's a 'bad guy' as portrayed on WWE television and got in his face. Trying to close his car door on him (as described in the article at the link above), hem him into his vehicle, etc. is just wrong. Even if he's just a 'fake' pro wrestler he's still a 6', 200-plus pound guy in whose face I wouldn't want to get. Wrestlers take their personal space and safety very seriously, knowing they can draw strong emotions from their fans; I wouldn't personally ever threaten it.

JERICHO: wrong for hitting a female fan who was with the really aggressive fans who started this in the first place, and got in his face after he shoved her friends. He DID go off on everyone and losing one's temper like that, especially in an already somewhat crazy situation, doesn't help anyone. If no one else could be intelligent and use a cool head, we know Jericho can, and he should have.

SECURITY: wrong for, as Jericho put it, 'not doing your f---ing job' and looking after him. Bottom line, whether it was the fans provoking Jericho, or his response, this got way more out of hand than it ever should have. Whether the arena/parking lot area security should have been more dilligent, or whether WWE should continue to provide some security until all wrestlers have cleared the building (to me, the exit to the parking lot in an uncontrolled situation is more dangerous than in a somewhat organized arena in which wrestlers are separated from fans by barricades and such anyway), there was a definite security breach, and Jericho should never have been left to fend for himself in the first place.

All around an incident showing everyone's best side. Sigh ...


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