Thursday, February 19, 2009

Meanwhile, a few thoughts ...

As we didn't post an ITVR tonight, although we did record it, and it was a packed show talking about a lot of the onscreen product, there were two or three things we might have paid some lip service to, but not really given the airing they deserved. I'd like to share those now, so as not to be derelict in keeping my blog up-to-date, or discussing important things that didn't really fit into the show that's going up tomorrow in any meaningful way (although again, we do touch on one or two of these things in some of our digressions ...)

  1. Verne Gagne - suffering from Alzheimer's-related dementia, shoved his elderly roommate (also suffering from the same affliction) to the ground in an incident, leading to his death a few days later. Very sad story - it must be a tough time for the Gagne family, as well as the family of his roommate, Helmut Guttman. I'm not sure how responsible for his actions Gagne can be held given his condition, nor what responsibility the nursing home where he and Guttman lived holds, but it sounds like litigation and/or charges of some kind might be pending. A sad story about the twilight years of a great wrestling champion and promoter, and a terrible way to go for his roommate. Just sad all round.
  2. Hulk Hogan and his inner circle quiet on Hogan's participation in Wrestlemania 25: Given the Hogan camp's penchant for blabbing about his appearances and projects, and that the story here has changed over the last week or two (from 'there are no plans ...' to 'no comment ...', including from Florida radio show host Bubba the Love Sponge, one of Hogan's best friends and his unofficial mouthpiece), I suspect that a deal for Hogan's appearance is in the works, if not finalized as you read this. The question is who his opponent will be, and I suspect this might be a critical piece of the puzzle left undone as yet until a few more things are finalized; for example, I have no idea whether or not Mickey Rourke is truly 'not going to be involved' in WM or whether he will - if not, Hogan might be a great representative, as someone synonymous with the early history of Wrestlemania, to go up against Chris Jericho (and someone a lot less 'emotional' than Roddy Piper or Ric Flair, someone Jericho can't attack as 'pathetic' on that grounds as he has a very pragmatic view on the wrestling business). Steve Austin will be inducted into the Hall of Fame the nigth before Mania - does he have one more match in him, and would that match be with Hogan? I certainly know that's what Hulk is hoping for. It will be interesting to see how this develops. And lastly ...
  3. WWE 24/7 Legends Roundtable: The "Soul" of Wrestling - Just want to put in a plug that this month's legend's roundtable on the WWE's On Demand service was really interesting, chronicling the history of African American contributions to wrestling. Teddy Long, Tony Atlas, Bill Watts, Dusty Rhodes and Jim Ross made up this month's panel, and an interesting discussion certainly resulted. One of the things I found most interesting was Atlas' claim that there was no real inherent racism he'd come across in wrestling, despite one of his last major runs as an active competitor was as Saba Simba in the early-1990s (from Africa, complete with loincloth, spear and headdress). A must watch for those who have the service.


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