Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ITVR this and that

So we're going to put ITVR up tomorrow - 1. because the last episode was so recent and 2. because our son was more demanding than usual tonight (he had a very alert and happy day but I think over-stimulated himself and didn't want to be put to bed until like, now, which is 12:45 am our time, and our bedtime as well). But it WILL go up same bat time same bat channel tomorrow, and in the meantime, some thoughts on some news bites from the world of wrestling:

RAW: To be discussed tomorrow but basically a solid show. MVPs include Chris Jericho, Ricky Steamboat, Randy Orton and Triple H; The Triple One is back to dominate Raw, and the King of Kings is back on his throne. More on this show tomorrow.

Happy Birthday Naitch: Ric Flair turns 60 years old today; I know six year olds who are more mature, but that's what makes him the Nature Boy! Whooooooooo! Hope you had a good one you limousine riding, Lear jet flying, kiss stealing, wheeling dealing sunumagun.

Death of Verne Gagne's Roommate Ruled a Homicide: I'm not quite sure what the implications are here in this twist of a story I mentioned about a week ago; I have a hard time believing that an 80-some-odd year old man with Alzheimer's will be charged with murder ... it will be interesting, though sad, to see how this unfortunate case plays out.

Randy Savage DVD to NOT be a documentary-style release: Boo on the WWE. As great a wrestler as Savage is, given the years of being persona non grata in the world of WWE, the story here is what's interesting; the man is a character, and adding some bonus matches to a great in-depth documentary as only WWE can do would not undermine his wrestling contributions to the sport, while giving us a look at the bright, colourful character that was the Macho Man.

Paul Heyman praises WWE's treatment of heels; calls this a 'Golden Age of Heels': This is true and never have you had so many interesting heel characters (Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Edge, Vicki Guerrero, all come to mind); the unfortunate side of it is that all their 'good guy' foils are either middling wrestlers who get mixed reviews (John Cena), or aging grapplers nearing retirement age (Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Undertaker). We either need some turns, or we need some interest added to our more talented breakout faces (CM Punk, Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston). Heels have always arguably been the more interesting character in any given feud, but a sympathetic face is needed to bring out the hate, just as a truly heinous heel is needed to help us sympathize with the plight of the 'good guy'.

More on all of this tomorrow, I promise - see you then!


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