Thursday, May 28, 2009

ITVR Cancelled This Week

Not a whole lot going on in the world of wrestling - the Denver Debacle was over, I'm in the (apparently) minority opinion along with Ari that this week's Raw was entertaining, if not exactly 'high art', the Hogans continue their war of words in divorce court, Ric Flair will most likely begin wrestling again overseas ...

We'll check out Smackdown tomorrow and maybe do an abbreviated show sometime over the weekend, but without a whole lot of news, the time it takes to find music, recall all the details of Raw enough to discuss them, uploading, etc. isn't worth it to give a half-hour show at most, and probably more like 15 mins. this week. We'd spend more time prepping and uploading than we'd spend actually broadcasting.

Having said that though at some point over this summer I'm pleased to announce we WILL be going live, which will give us the opportunity again to look for guests, and inspire us to watch more wrestling to have more of the on-air product to talk about at the very least. Meanwhile, next week is the week of Extreme Rules, so be sure and continue to check back here, and we'll be back on Wednesday as usual with our predix for that PPV, our thoughts on Smackdown and Raw, etc. And I'll continue to blog regularly as usual.


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