Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tech Difficulties/Raw Relocated

Definitely a reason to look into going live in earnest for In This Very Ring -

recorded our show (albeit a short and not terribly newsy one as, as I say, we haven't followed wrestling this week as we usually do), but uploader not working. I'll try to get it up tomorrow. Meanwhile though, wanted to address here the biggest bit of news this week, which I touched on in an earlier post.

Raw was scheduled for this coming Monday at the Pepsi Centre in Denver; however with the Nuggets playing the Lakers in an NBA conference final, the arena was double booked. Now - while the threat of the cancellation of Raw must have sucked for Vince McMahon, always a lemonade-out-of-lemons-creating champ, he huffed and puffed and talked up the Lakers, and got a relocation to LA for Monday's show. He's also pulled a few upcoming shows from Denver, calling this whole thing a fiasco.

I must agree, but I also must admit that I'm a wrestling fan with zero interest in basketball; I suppose to the general populations the playoffs of a 'legit' sport might end up taking precedence over an event that I think has a bigger niche than many believe, but still more of a niche audience than Vince McMahon cares to talk up. Nonetheless, from a business perspective, I DO believe that the Nuggets organization and the Pepsi Centre should cover any costs incurred via this relocation (refunds, a certain amount of merch $$$, etc.).

But more on that during tomorrow's broadcast - as well as at least a general discussion of Judgement Day, Raw, and already how Extreme Rules (WWE's next PPV, now 2 1/2 weeks away) is shaping up. Tune in then.


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