Saturday, May 30, 2009

Smackdown and a few other thoughts

I actually caught the 2nd half of SD in its entirety last night which is more than I have in a few weeks so I want to discuss what I thought of it, but first a couple short notes from yesterday/today:

  • Ken Kennedy was released yesterday by the WWE, after his in-ring 'comeback' from injury on Monday, and featuring in WWE Films' 'Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia' earlier this year. I think Kennedy was a bankable star with a future, who really wasted his talents and potential by testing positive on a drug test only weeks after going out and skewering Chris Benoit for the 'personal choices' he'd made in his life in terms of substance abuse, as well as frequent injuries, and a very open, warts-and-all interview style of late in which he has badmouthed Vince McMahon and the WWE. It's a shame such a talented all-round wrestler in-ring and on-mic had to be released, but obviously this working relationship had been dysfunctional for some time, and I'm more surprised they made him a highlight of Monday's Raw than that they released him.
  • "The Golden Greek" John Tolos died at the age I believe of 76 in California. A wrestling legend in that state, Tolos' main national exposure came during a run as "The Coach" in WWE, managing Mr. Perfect towards the end of his last Intercontinental Title reign, and the midcard tag team Beverly Brothers. I'm too young to remember his contributions to the California wrestling scene, including a storied feud with Freddie Blassie, and mainly remember his run as Coach, but nonetheless as always, my condolences to the Tolos family and friends.
In terms of Smackdown - short hits: they progressed the Umaga-CM Punk feud well, didn't waste too much time on the Divas (and now I know why I tuned into SD last week to see two women rolling around in talcum powder! - my life is complete!), and the angle with the egotistical heels Edge and Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio, with Jericho jumping Mysterio and essentially a 2-on-1 on Jeff Hardy which left him lying, was a strong way to promote both of these upcoming matches at Extreme Rules. Definitely interested in the Smackdown offerings on this PPV, and the Raw side isn't looking half bad either. A good card coming up I think.


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