Friday, January 29, 2010

Greg Helms/Chris Jericho arrest update

Ashley Storer, the woman involved in the Wednesday night/Friday morning altercation that left WWE Superstars Chris Jericho and Greg Helms arrested for public drunkenness, says that the violence in the altercation - which saw Helms punch Jericho, her and one other occupant of their cab - was overstated; that he and Jericho had been play-tussling and she caught an elbow by accident. Being drunk and tired, she reacted badly, leaving the cabbie to think the injury was worse than it was. He pulled over and called 911. She also claims that Matt Hardy, also present, was completely sober.

Meanwhile, TMZ cameras also caught up with Randy Orton and asked him for an opinion on the arrest, to which he responded "Arrested? No no no no no, not Chris." When asked if he thought wrestlers were the new rock'n'rollers due to the amount of trouble they got into, he replied "We don't get in trouble. We represent the WWE in a very positive manner. Getting in trouble isn't positive now, is it?"

Thank you, Randy Orton, for the insightful comment of the day!


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