Tuesday, January 26, 2010

RAW thoughts ...

So last night's Raw wasn't bad, although it also didn't stand out as other recent ones have. I've been concerned about the sudden depush of MVP after going toe-to-toe so well with the Miz two weeks ago; perhaps he wasn't supposed to be such a good foil? I don't know. But I enjoyed the Miz, and I enjoyed the increasing tension between DX and between the Legacy - this was a go-home Raw before the Royal Rumble and I think they did an acceptable job of a final push towards the big show. They even had a surprisingly decent host (Dule Hill - Mike Roday was hospitalized due to an appendectomy over the weekend), an my favourite moment with him was surprising Maryse with setting pyro off 'accidentally'.

John Cena also did a fantastic job standing up to Vince McMahon in defense of Bret Hart; this might go a-ways to quieting some of the boo-birds concerned with Cena's unquestioning, naive workhorse persona, and he absolutely shone in the role of Vince's conscience. And Jack Swagger-Santino Marella was forwarded as well ... although I feel bad for Swagger having to work with the 'comic relief'.

Bottom line though, again - some bright, bright moments, and some less memorable ones. Worth checking out if you have the time and interest. :) We'll talk more in depth about this Thursday night on our podcast, so be sure and join us then ... In This Very Ring.


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