Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Quick Hits: Raw & Pro Wrestling Illustrated

So Monday was a pretty solid Raw all around, lots of props to John Heder and Don Johnson as decent guest hosts; Psych stars Dule Hill and the other guy will guest host next week - this will make the USA Network happy as it's one of their newer shows they're trying to pimp. A solid effort by all on Monday with good progress in terms of hyping the Royal Rumble, and only a few disappointments more by omission than comission that we will discuss more in-depth tomorrow on ITVR ...

Where we'll also discuss the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Year-End Achievement Awards, as published in the bright shiney new Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine I just got in my mailbox yesterday! Again, I'll save some of it for the show but a couple quick highlights:

  1. Shawn Michaels won his 6th consecutive Match of the Year for his Wrestlemania effort against the Undertaker. This is unprecedented, being only so much as approached by ... Shawn Michaels! Who previously strung together 4 straight MOTY wins from 1993-1996, making for ten total - more than Ric Flair, Steve Austin and the Rock ... COMBINED.
  2. Randy Orton and John Cena went head to head one last time in the most contested duel for Wrestler of the Year in the history of the Achievement Awards. Orton eventually edged John Cena out ... by 0.0025%! Both men were listed as having earned 23% of the vote.
  3. Randy Orton also has the distinction of tying Triple H for the greatest number of 'Most Hated Wrestler of the Year' wins. Being as he is about a decade younger than Trips, I'm going to make the same guess as the PWI gurus that he will ultimately be the record holder for this dubious distinction.
Again - an interesting week for wrestling then. Be sure and tune in to hear about these highlights and more tomorrow night when we post up this week's podcast of ... In This Very Ring.


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