Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So I'm not even bothering to do a play by play and blow by blow on Raw last night. I admittedly missed the last hour (where there might have been some minimal potential given the matches advertised) as I tuned it out in disgust in favour of getting some school work done and watching a West Wing rerun - but honestly!

Khali and Hornswoggle to challenge the Hart Dynasty over the Usos who'd been challenging them every week and which had actually been built up somewhat decently? A DANCE OFF between Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov? The A Team? Again - I don't know if any redeeming qualities possessed the final hour of the show ... bu the WWE is really hurting for the injury bug, and for trying to pass off such stupidity as anything resembling what fans would want. I mean, I can point to some semi-understandable stuff - they HAVE been building the Usos, and giving their first match with the Harts away for free in the first hour of Raw would be a betrayal of that build ... I give most eloquent promo of the night to Khali and Hornswoggle, and I'll grant they actually made me laugh ... but no. Just because one or two pieces of silliness were understandable, doesn't mean they weren't still silliness. WRESTLING FANS are going to vote for a dance off? Or for a Divas battle royal as opposed to a potentially semi-decent champion vs. champion match?

On the other hand - the one redemptive thing to come out of Raw last night was it definitely encouraged me to check out the Smackdown I recorded. It sounds and looks like they wrote the Undertaker offscreen in a somewhat creative, original and compelling way. Unfortunately, though, whereas Smackdown seems to be stepping up and coping with the injury bug WWE has been hit with, Raw seems to barely be trying. Step up your game guys - all the potential in the world lies at your finger tips, but you need to use it!


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