Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Congrats to Wade Barrett, and the upcoming NXT Season

So we're going to leave Raw, which was fairly busy and newsworthy, to be discussed tomorrow on the air, but I wanted to take this quick moment to congratulate Wade Barrett for winning Season 1 of NXT last night. He, along with Daniel Bryan and David Otunga (I think? there's one more but I can't remember which), will be staying with the WWE while the rest of the NXT class, I believe, will be returning to FCW for the time being.

Next week begins a new grouping of rookies and pros which you can find on, but the ones which stand out to me are ...

Husky Harris (ie, Windham Rotunda, Mike Rotunda/Irwin R. Schyster's son), as well as Joe Hennig (Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig's son) wrestling as Michael McGillicutty. I mean ... seriously? This is so ridonk-a-donkulous that I hope it's a setup to be 'revealed' onscreen that some silver-turnbuckle-born wrestling royalty has infiltrated a show designed to break the glass ceiling for 'rookies' (in other words, often longstanding members of the indy scene - such as Kaval, the former Low-Ki, who is also a rookie this season, to be 'trained' by LayCool ... sigh ...).

This is either going to be unexpectedly surprisingly brilliant, or ...

Yeah it's gonna be crap. Good concept which very quickly outlived its intrigue I think.


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