Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Comings and Goings

It has been announced in the last couple of days that Scott Hall has been released for drunken behaviour, and hot on his heels out the door was Sean "Syxx Pac" Waltman - no surprise, given their history together. Sounds like The Band has been disbanded. It's unfortunate, as I was pleasantly surprised with the promise both men were showing thus far in the (admittedly little) TNA I've caught since they began. Also out the door this week was ODB, who has been vocal about the decline of the Knockouts division of late, perhaps in search of other opportunities (acting?).

On the flipside, it was reported that, hot on the heels of Tommy Dreamer's debut at Slammiversary on Sunday, and reports that Dixie Carter has recently spoken to Paul Heyman, that Stevie Richards and Raven were backstage at last night's TV tapings. Rumours of an ECW 'invasion' to mirror previous invasions run rampant - will this be any more or less successful than previous attempts? Time will tell, but I will say I've never regretted taking time to catch TNA when we can - we've seen two weeks worth in the last month, which is more than before - and perhaps we need to step it up yet again, since it sounds like some interesting things, for better or worse, are afoot in the Impact Zone. Thank you both Shane, and Alan Wocjic and co. at OWW Radio (see previous post for the link to our guest spot with Alan last night) for having brought this to our attention at various times over the last few months, and last night on air, and we definitely think upon our return from Orlando next week it's time to act on it!

Meanwhile on the WWE side - we spoke a bit last night on the radio about Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson's 'release' last week from the WWE - now it's your turn. Legit or not? Was his choking out of Josh Matthews 'too much', or is this simply a very elaborate cover, setting up to reveal 'Danny' as the limo driver who roughed up Bret Hart on Monday? 90 days from now, where do we tune in to see this talented young man wrestle? WWE? TNA? ROH? Somewhere else entirely? You heard Ari's and my votes last night - what's yours?


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