Sunday, September 5, 2010

All-Diva NXT Season?

Hey all,

So decided not to catch up on SD after reading some of the reviews - crap! But will be back on the horse tomorrow for the Labour Day edition of Raw, including feedback sometime Tuesday, and a podcast sometime Thursday or Friday (and of course posting as stuff comes up in between-times).

Meanwhile though one of the things we will be talking about over the coming weeks is that, in light of WWE Diva Tiffany's suspension due to domestic violence issues with her husband Drew McIntyre, and Serena's release, they're looking to beef up the women's division a bit, and have decided to make this NXT season all-women. Do you think this is a good idea from the point of view of it's original and WWE needs some ladies who can fight, or a bad idea in the whole 'women's wrestling doesn't sell' point of view? I think it could be intriguing if done well ... and by the way, keep your eyes on Aloisha, who was 'fired' by Vicki Guerrero but honestly is a 6'9" Amazon, yet absolutely stunningly gorgeous; a unique act WWE better work to keep on at all costs. It's at least worth keeping an eye to see if this turns out any good, in the 'at least they're doing something different' file.

And congratulations to Kaval for winning this past round of NXT - although his being attacked by all the 'losers' reeks of a bit of Nexus-redux. We'll see how that develops, and will definitely be keeping an eye on this last NXT season ... especially as it is likely the last. Best of luck to all the competitors.


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