Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bad News Bears

Hi guys - we'll have some good talk about Monday Night Raw and the upcoming Night of Champions PPV on Friday night In This Very Ring as we return from a spotty summer hiatus. However, I did want to address a few bad news items that have come to my attention this week ... starting with

  • Hulk Hogan is in the hospital due to recurring back injuries. He's had several surgeries on his back and most recently he threw it out while collecting sea shells. The next morning, he was unable to get out of bed and his fiancee Jennifer called 911. He's been twittering up a storm at hulkhogan4life however, which is quite a fun read at times.
  • Jim Neidhart was arrested this past weekend after breaking into a female friend's home and stealing drugs. The story is that upon his arrest he threw a scene at the gas station where he was apprehended, attempting to ingest the chemicals that were on him. He was arrested on 6 felony charges. Neidhart has been through WWE sponsored rehab under their Wellness Policy twice.
  • In lighter but nonetheless unfortunate news, Deborah Simovitch has posted audio recordings and details of an affair she had with former TNA and WWE star Kip Sopp (Billy Gunn; Kip James). She apparently posted his Mel Gibson-like rant after having received death threats from his wife. All I can say to this one is ... what a lovely threesome. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch o' folks.
Stay classy all. Or at least classier than pro wrestling seems to be these days. Yeah ... amazing how reality writes better stuff than the WWE Creative Team sometimes. Peace!


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