Friday, September 3, 2010

Smackdown Tonight!

So we shameful, exhausted new parents did miss the 900th episode of Raw on Monday (although did catch the Did You Know fact that, if the Jersey Shore were to continue on its present rate, it would hit episode #900 in 2087 ... or some such); but I did manage to DVD the replay and we will be watching it and Smackdown tonight now that we've established a bit more of a routine around here. :) This means we're *angling* to do an ITVR episode over the weekend; but if that doesn't materialize we'll have one next week for sure as next week's really the start of our routine - I start work, Ari's on leave, and so forth. And if we don't have the time to do an out-and-out ITVR, I will at least be back online sometime tomorrow to give my thoughts on this week in the WWE, so be sure and check back in over the weekend, and throughout the weeks ahead. As I said with September rolling in; new month, new routine, same quality you'd expect here at ITVR, simply with more quantity. (Who would have thunk a teacher's summer would be busier than her school year? But it's true, it's ... yeah. Y'know).


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